"You should smile more."
"Hasn't been much of a smiling night."
"Well, night's not over yet."
―Melody and Jack Thompson[src]

Melody was a party guest who was attracted to Jack Thompson.


Melody was an attendee of the campaign fundraising party that Calvin Chadwick was having to garner support for his bid to be elected to the United States Congress. She saw Jack Thompson with a sigh ask the bartender for an extra amount of alcohol in his glass; she told him that he needed to smile more often. Thompson continued his frown and said that he was not in a smiling mood. Melody, clearly attracted to Thompson, decided that she could make him smile.

As she was approaching Thompson to talk more intimately, Edwin Jarvis stepped between them and began a conversation with Thompson. Reacting to the rude interruption, Melody began to walk away. Thompson, trying to rejoin her, looked as Melody intermingled with the crowd, but Jarvis would not allow Thompson to pass.[1]