"You'll see Iron Man rendered obsolete. By the next generation in offensive weapons. By me... the Melter!"

Bruno Horgan, also known as Melter, tried to attack Iron Man and failed, like many others before him.


Bruno Horgan was the owner of a start-up robotics company and developed a suit similar to Tony Stark's Iron Man Armor. His presentation to military officials was a failure, as the power source of the suit literally melted it, and later chances to show his creation were negated, even after claiming his creation was finally ready.

Sometime after the Battle of New York, he attacked Iron Man during a press conference in front of the Stark Tower. After a quick victory Horgan announced that he would be selling the designs of his technology in a few days.

Two days later he attacked, and with some effort, secured a victory over War Machine. This led both Stark and Rhodes to confront Horgan together, who promptly was defeated and placed into US military custody.[1]



Video Game Only


  • In the non-canon video game Iron Man, the Melter works for A.I.M..[2]
  • In the comics, Bruno Horgan is driven into bankruptcy when a Tony Stark, proves that he is using inferior materials. Discovering that one of his faulty devices is capable of generating a beam capable of "melting" any metal, Horgan uses the device to become the supervillain, the Melter.


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