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"You'll see Iron Man rendered obsolete by the next generation in offensive weapons."
Bruno Horgan[src]

The Melter Armor is the armor developed and used by Bruno Horgan to try to defeat Tony Stark.


Bruno Horgan created a suit similar to Tony Stark's Iron Man Armor. He presented it to military officials, but the suit was literally melted by its own power source. The military officials dismissed him and refused to see further presentations from him.

Horgan later perfected the suit and once he did he attacked Tony Stark during a press conference in front of Stark Tower. Having impressed the crowd, Horgan announced that in a few days he would be selling the designs of his technology.

Two days later Horgan defeated War Machine with some difficulty. This prompted Stark and Rhodes to confront Horgan together, and he was no match for their combined efforts. The US military then took Horgan into custody and confiscated his suit.[1]


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