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"This is D.C. Metro Police! Identify yourself!"
"My friends are in there, my friends are in there, stop!"
"Return to the ground, immediately!"
Spider-Man and the MPD[src]

The Metropolian Police Department, formally known as the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia is the sixth-largest municipal police department in the United States of America and is the law enforcement agency for the city of Washington, D.C..


Attack on Nick Fury

"D.C. Metro Police dispatch shows no units in this area."
Nick Fury's SUV's A.I.[src]
Fury's SUV

After Nick Fury voiced his suspicions regarding Project Insight, Alexander Pierce, the leader of HYDRA at the time, ordered his assassination so that Project Insight would go smoothly. HYDRA agents disguised as members of the Metropolitan Police Department tailed Fury's Chevrolet Suburban, before flanking him at a lone intersection and attacking him. With considerable difficulty, Fury was able to shake them off, with his U.I. system alerting him that there were no active officers in the vicinity, making him realize that his enemies were truly not law enforcement officials. Despite Fury managing to escape his pursuers, he was intercepted by the Winter Soldier, who attached an explosive to the bottom of the vehicle.

Rescue at the Washington Monument

"Stand down! Return to the ground immediately! Return to the ground, or we will open fire!"
―MPD to Spider-Man[src]

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