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The Mexican Cartel is a Mexican-based drug cartel, which expanded into Hell's Kitchen after the arrest of Wilson Fisk and the dismantling of his criminal empire.


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The Scramble for Power

After Wilson Fisk's arrest at the hands of the New York City Police Department, the FBI and Daredevil, his entire criminal element was purged from the city of New York. This created a humongous power vacuum, with many gangs and other groups seeking to consolidate their claims to New York's criminal underworld. One of the foreign organizations to attempt to capitalize on the situation was the Mexican Cartel, who dispatched their members to Hell's Kitchen in order to stake their claim.[1]

The Blacksmith's Call

The Blacksmith, a powerful new player in Hell's Kitchen, rose to prominence in the illicit drug trade for his highly pure and highly-refined heroin. Such was the quality of his product that not even Madame Gao's Steel Serpent could compete.[2] Through business competition and violence, the Blacksmith established himself as the frontrunner in the scramble for power. Much like Wilson Fisk before him, the Blacksmith sought to bring together disparate warring factions across New York, and unify them under his command. Through a man named Dutton, the Blacksmith brought together the Cartel, the Kitchen Irish, and the Dogs of Hell. Unbeknownst to them, the District Attorney's office was planning a sting operation to apprehend the Blacksmith by way of an undercover officer. Unfortunately for the DA, the Blacksmith did not make an appearance, and the meeting devolved into a shootout as the rival gangs were spooked. In the crossfire, the family of the recently-Stateside Frank Castle was gunned down.[3]

The Punisher's Vengeance

Enraged by the slaughter of his family by these criminal factions, Castle undertook a one-man mission to murder the three organizations responsible for his family's deaths, along with anyone else connected. As such, the Mexican Cartel's New York members were targeted. Castle hunted them down, and executed them by stringing them up on meat hooks to suffer and die. Daredevil, investigating Castle's emergence as a vigilante, stumbled upon the Cartel members during his search, and interrogated a lone survivor. This survivor corrected Daredevil, who, up until that point, believed a paramilitary organization was responsible for the deaths of the gang members. He revealed that the gunman was a single man before succumbing to his injuries.[1]


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