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"Dude, you wanna be a high school dropout!"
"I am so far beyond high school right now."
Ned Leeds and Peter Parker[src]

Midtown High School of Science and Technology, or MSST, is a high school in New York City that Peter Parker attends.


"All your guys go to that school you pretty much have your life planned out right?"
Adrian Toomes to Peter Parker and Liz Toomes[src]

Midtown High School of Science and Technology was established in 1962.[1]


Name Subject Status
Morita Administration Principal
Roger Harrington Science Teacher
Academic Decathlon Coach
Monica Warren Physics Teacher
Wilson Health & Physical Education Teacher
Barry Hapgood Woodwork Teacher
Cobbwell Chemistry Teacher
Ronda Kramer Art (formerly) Teacher
Berman Video Making Teacher

Notable Students

Midtown Logo (SMH)


  • In the comics, Peter Parker and Jessica Jones were classmates in Midtown High. Jones also had a crush on Peter.
  • Midtown School of Science & Technology was established in 1962, as a reference to Spider-Man's first appearance in the comics in Amazing Fantasy Vol 1 #15.
  • Howard Stark and Abraham Erskine appear in a mural in the school and Bruce Banner is among the famous scientists pictured in one of the classrooms.
  • The school day ends at 2:45 pm.


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