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"I can't go to Germany!"
"I got... homework."
"...I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that."
"I'm being serious, I can't just drop out school!"
Peter Parker and Tony Stark[src]

Midtown High School of Science & Technology, or MSST, is a high school in New York City that Peter Parker attends.


Midtown High School of Science & Technology was established in 1962.[1]


Name Subject Status
Morita None Principal
Harrington Teacher
Acadamic Decathlon Coach
Warren Physics Teacher
Wilson Gymnastic Teacher

Notable Students


  • In the comics, Peter Parker and Jessica Jones were classmates in Midtown High. Jones also had a crush on Peter.
  • Midtown School of Science & Technology was established in 1962, as a reference to Spider-Man's first appearance in the comics.
  • Howard Stark and Abraham Erskine appear in a mural in the school and Bruce Banner is among the famous scientists pictured in one of the classrooms.


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