"I didn't know... I didn't know."
―Miguel, traumatized by his encounter with Hulk[src]

Miguel was the son of one of the members of the cartel led by Espinoza.


Miguel lived in the compound of Espinoza, a cartel capo based in the South American jungle, with his father, one of Espinoza's men.

Miguel got lost while wandering away from the compound, where he came across an American stranger, Bruce Banner, who managed to follow some fresh tire tracks back to the Espinoza's compound.

Upon arriving, Espinoza's men captured Banner, beating him up in front of Miguel thinking he was an American spy. This beating prompted Banner's transformation into Hulk, horryfing Miguel as he attacked Espinoza and his men, destroying the compound in the process.

Although Miguel was the only person left conscious, when Emil Blonsky and his team arrived, he was found traumatized by the experience, telling a story that did not make any sense for Blonsky.[1]