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"I'm sorry, Miles. I'm not gonna make it. Yeah... I'm stuck."
Aaron Davis to Miles Morales[src]

Miles Morales is the nephew of Aaron Davis.


"I don't want those weapons in this neighborhood either. I got a nephew living out here."
Aaron Davis to Spider-Man[src]

Miles Morales lived in one of the neighborhoods in Queens, near his uncle Aaron Davis, who was very close to him. For Morales' safety, and despite his crime records, Davis did not want the weapons sold by Jackson Brice and Herman Schultz to hit the neighborhood.[1]

Morales received a call from his uncle, apologizing as he would not be able to attend their appointment, as Davis had been stuck to his car by Spider-Man, who had webbed Davis' hand to his car until it dissolved in a matter of hours.[2]




  • In the Ultimate Universe of the comics, Miles Morales is a teenager that was bitten by a genetically-modified spider similar to the one that bit Peter Parker, and eventually became the next Spider-Man following Parker's death.

Behind the Scenes

  • Kevin Feige has confirmed that while Aaron Davis does not mention his nephew by name in the film, he is referring to Miles Morales. A deleted post-credits scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming shows Aaron Davis call "Miles".


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