"It's a possible gamma sickness. Milwaukee. A man drank one of those guarana sodas. Guess it had a little more kick than he was looking for."
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Milwaukee is the largest city located in the state of Wisconsin.


Captain America's USO Shows

Steve Rogers was chosen as the new public hero of World War II due to his heroic persecution of Heinz Kruger in the streets of New York City. The event became a front page in the newspapers, and Senator Brandt realized he had potential as a public symbol to boost the morale of the nation, and promote the purchasing of War Bonds.

Rogers joined the USO and began touring the nation in a colorful costume as "Captain America", accompanied by a chorus named the Star Spangled Singers, Milwaukee being one of the many cities visited.

Rogers' shows included Rogers' speech about the role of the common citizen during the war, a dancing show by the Star Spangled Singers, feats showing Rogers' strength, a climatic moment when Captain America punched another actor portraying Adolf Hitler and the possibility of getting an autograph or a photo with Captain America.

Rogers' success during these shows led to the promotional movies and comics about "Captain America"'s adventures during World War II.[1]

Home of Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson had a medical practice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and owned the building in which the practice was located. Prior to 1988, he decided to work with "Doctors Without Borders" and moved to China to work there temporarily.[2]

Hunt for Bruce Banner

Pingo Doce

A man in Milwaukee suffered a severe case of Gamma poisoning after consuming a drink. Unbeknownst to him, the bottle got contaminated by the blood of Bruce Banner, who was working at the bottling factory where the drink was manufactured in Brazil.

This particular event allowed General Thaddeus Ross to figure out Banner's location, assembling a military unit under his command to capture Banner.[3]


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