"You know, it's kind of hard to trust someone when you don't know who that someone really is."
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"When you reach the ledge, jump."
"When I reach the ledge, I will jump..."
Enclave legionary and Rick Jones[src]

The Mind Control Device was created by the Enclave to control the minds of citizens.


Members of the Enclave took control of Rick Jones and attempted to make him jump off of a building to his death, but they were stopped by the Hulk.

The Enclave later unleashed a larger mind control device with a much wider reach. The Hulk and Rick set about collecting data to create a countermeasure. Hulk fought Enclave soldiers shielded from the device to obtain the data and attract Enclave soldier reinforcements so that the shield around the building could be dropped and Rick could sneak in. By attacking nearby Enclave property, reinforcements were sent upon the shield dropping.

As Hulk battled the Enclave soldiers, Rick successfully infiltrated the building and set off something upon his departure. Hulk then destroyed the building to prevent it from exploding. Enclave then went after them and Hulk fought the Enclave robots to buy Rick some time to get away. When Enclave tracked the device to the building that Rick had the data in, Hulk defended the building to buy Rick some time to get it out.

When Rick escaped, Hulk made his way to Empire State University to see Samuel Sterns. With the help of a countermeasure, Hulk went toward one of their buildings containing an energy siphoning system. When the shield surrounding the antennae was dropped, Hulk went up to the roof and destroyed the antennae.[1]