"Something like a Mini-Polygraph, if your heart rate spikes when I ask you a question... blow up."
Nick Fury[src]

The Mini-Polygraph is an internal lie detector that measures heart rate.


The Mini-Polygraph is a small device used as a lie detector that has to be swallowed to measure the heart rate of the tested individual.

Nick Fury used it on a mission in Budapest during the Cold War. In order to obtain the information about the Soviet contact who had supposedly obtained dossiers about undercover CIA operatives in Soviet territory, Fury placed the Mini-Polygrpah inside a subject's meal.

When interrogated, the subject asked the reason why Fury was so confident that he was going to tell him the information and Fury showed him another of these devices, explaining to him that it would explode if his heart rate spiked.

A short time later, Fury reunited with his partner Escobar, who noticed that Fury obtained the information about the suspect, a man named Verliecki, before he could finish his own drink.[1]