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"I apply foot to ass. And match lead for lead. I put murderers in handcuffs. I don't just seek justice. I stalk it. And that much should go in my record."
"With your resume you could have been downtown years ago. Hell, you could've been a Fed! You chose to stay in Harlem."
"I know this place, I know the players, and I can make a difference here."
―Misty Knight and Gabe Krasner[src]

Mercedes Kelly "Misty" Knight is a police detective in the New York City Police Department, stationed at the 29th Precinct Police Station within Harlem. During her investigation into the criminal activities of the notorious Cottonmouth, Knight encountered the mysterious Luke Cage, who seemed to be involved in every aspect of her current investigation. Once her partner Rafael Scarfe and Cottonmouth were both murdered, Knight became determined to discover the truth, putting her into conflict with Mariah Dillard and Diamondback while her superiors encouraged her to find and arrest Cage. However Knight attempted to arrest Diamondback, leading to her being saved by Cage and then informing the world of his innocence until she could use Candace Miller to convict Dillard, but before Miller could testify, she was murdered by Shades under Dillard's orders. Dillard went free but Knight remained determined to finally bring her to justice one day soon.


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Early Life

Given A Reason

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During the summer of 1995 Misty Knight was hanging around with her Cousin, Cassandra. While hanging around Cassandra started talking with a cute boy. Even though they were warned by Knight her mother to never walk around the neighberhood alone Knight, who got thirsty, decided to go to Ruiz Bodega and get a lemonade. Upon returning Cassandra was gone. It took the cops two weeks to find her disfigured and beaten body. Since the perpetrators did not snitch on each other, and the cops did not care about a girl like Cassandra, they got away unpunished. Since that moment Knight was given a reason to become a cop.[1]

Shooting Hoops

In 1996 Knight, who played basketball at the Saint Nick Playground basketball court became one of its legends. Just like those before her her initials were painted on the ground next to the court.[3]

Meeting Luke Cage

Luke and Misty

Knight is served a drink by Luke Cage

"You're beautiful, you're a little older than he usually likes them."
"Yeah you're definitely not getting a tip tonight."
"But I'm not finished, dumb men like little girls, me, I ponder a woman."
"Why don't you ponder me another cosmo."
Luke Cage and Misty Knight[src]

Knight met Luke Cage in Harlem's Paradise. Cage had a talk with her for a while, he asked her about her empty glass. And they kept talking while Cage kept flirting her. So they met again in the street and Cage told her about where the bus station is, noting that she was about to call an Uber. Then, she offered him about drinking coffee and Luke agreed. Soon they began to go to Cage's apartment and started to have sex.


Knight meets Luke Cage in the street again.

Then, they slept until Cage woke up because he was having a nightmare about his past in Seagate Prison. He said that he saw Knight was taking a call. And Knight also stated that Cage was talking in his sleep, she said that Cage was talking about Shades and Comanche. So then, she put on her clothes and starting to leave his apartment and continued doing her job as a detective. While Cage looked out the window to take another look on Knight.[4]

Awkward Reunion

Cage sees Misty again

Knight encounters Cage again

"You really think Chico killed his friend over money?"
"You are?"
"Luke Cage."
"Detective Misty Knight."
"Detective, looks like you found some better clothes to audit in."
Luke Cage and Misty Knight[src]

Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight entered Pop's Barber Shop. Knight greeted Pop, while Cage recognized the voice. So Cage came out and Knight saw him but pretending to meet for the first time. They were all talking about Dante Chapman, Shameek Smith, and Chico Diaz[4]. Scarfe and Knight urged them to give them a call if they saw Diaz was leaving. And after that, both of them decided to leave Pop's Barber Shop.[3]

Pop's Death

Cage inspected

Knight comforts and interrogates Luke Cage

After Tone shot everybody there, Pop was dead while Luke Cage and Lonnie Wilson survived the shooting. Then the New York City Police Department came to investigate the crime scene, while Knight approached Cage and asked if he was alright. And she began to question Cage about how he survived the bullets, but Cage quickly refused to answer her questions. And Knight was told by Cage that he shielded Wilson and that's all that happened. Then Knight asked him of how long he worked at Pop's, and he answered five months. And she asked if Diaz was hiding at the shop the whole time, but Cage didn't answer. So then she left him.[3]

Cottonmouth's Robbery

When Luke Cage entered the hospital which Diaz stayed in, he bumped Knight. She then stopped him and say couldn't go further more because he was the only suspect to be seen in both Pop's Barber Shop and Harlem's Paradise, connecting him to the killing of Dante Chapman, Shameek Smith, Pop. Cage then asked her to find the real killer instead of bothering him but she replied that their business is the same. Then, Cage left her. After Cage infiltrated one of Cottonmouth's house, only one woman witnessed Cage. So when Knight and Rafael Scarfe questioned her about the "mysterious hooded man", she just replied that he was looking fine. And after Luke rob Crispus Attucks, there was a photo of Cage doing that. And when Knight was taking look at that picture, she imagined it as if it really happened now. And suddenly Scarfe was tired of her and said that she was doing it again.[5]

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Pop's Funeral

Cage Listens

Knight attends Pop's funeral

"You just started World War III in there. And your ass might be bulletproof, but Harlem ain't. Harlem is gonna suffer. So if you aren't gonna help us take him down, then you need to leave right now, Luke, before you make things worse."
―Misty Knight to Luke Cage[src]

Knight attended Pop's funeral along with other people. Then, Luke Cage came in and everybody stared at him so he sat down beside Aisha Axton. Bobby Fish then asked someone for a volunteer if anyone has a few words to say. So Cottonmouth came in front and said a few words he could say while Knight just listened to him. After him, Cage came forward and said a few words. Knight kept listening to him.

Cage Knight Leave-0

Knight and Cage talk after the funeral.

After they finished the funeral, Knight decide to approach Cage and said that Harlem was involved with heroism and she also wanted to get Cottonmouth in a legal way but Luke refused. She then said that Harlem is vulnerable and he needed to leave. But Luke said that he has nowhere to go.[6]

Rafael Scarfe's death

Mk rf

Knight watches Rafael Scarfe's death

So then Knight suddenly came in by a car which almost crashed Luke Cage, Claire Temple and Rafael Scarfe. But luckily Cage blocked the car causing it to be wrecked but Misty was alright. Then Knight got out the car and see Scarfe's condition. And they had a moment for a while. Scarfe then apologized to her and finally died while Knight mourned her lost partner.[7]

Arrest and Release of Cottonmouth

Cottonmouth and Misty

Cottonmouth is confronted by Knight

Cottonmouth was arrested. But he called his lawyer, Benjamin Donovan and he did his work to defend Cottonmouth. After Donovan's effort, Cottonmouth was released from prison. When Donovan and Cottonmouth decided to leave, suddenly they were confronted by Knight and questioned them if they were calling her dog. But Cottonmouth insisted that it was just a turn of phase. Before leaving, Cottonmouth stood face to face with Knight in which he did comparing her to a dog. And Knight replied that she promised that he will be in the prison where he actually belong.[8]

Threatened by Diamondback


Knight is kidnapped by Diamondback

Luke Cage was badly wounded by Diamondback with Judas Bullet. So Claire Temple took him to a Harlem Women's Clinic. And they were suddenly joined by Knight. And they had a talk for a while. But suddenly Diamondback was aiming at Cage's head but he missed to shoot. Then Cage kept fighting Diamondback until they came face to face outside. And Cage was defeated for a while. Then Diamondback managed to grab a hold Knight and took her outside. Then, he kept on mocking her. He also said that Cage liked woman with dark skinned and frizzy hair like her and Reva Connors. Diamondback then pointed the gun at her while hoping that she begged for mercy. But instead of begging for mercy, she said that if he wanted to shoot, then just do it. So then Diamondback forced her onto her knee and placed the gun behind her head. And Diamondback explained that he would continue hurting her to make Cage suffer. After that he knocked her cold and escaped.[9]

Accuse of Luke Cage

Luke Cage was accused of murdering Cottonmouth by Mariah Dillard. So Knight took Claire Temple to her office so that she could interview her. But when the process was happening, Temple and Knight debated for a long time. Temple then said that she wanted to call a lawyer but Knight explained that she wasn't arrested and Knight had the power to arrest her. And they kept debating until Knight lost out of control and choke Temple. Knowing this, Priscilla Ridley came to the room and said that she lost control. And Temple was allowed to go. So then Knight explained to Ridley of what really happened.[1]

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Shot in the Arm

Claire Misty Bond

Knight recovers with Claire Temple

There was a chaos in Harlem's Paradise which was caused by Diamondback. So then Knight arrived and began making her way towards his direction. When she stepped into his office, he greeted her with a cruel smile while she claimed that he was under arrest. But Diamondback denied this and shot her arm. Before he could kill her, Luke Cage arrived and saved her by blocking the bullets with his own body. And Diamondback was running out of bullets.[10][11]

Confession of Candace Miller

Candace Miller knew the truth about the murder of Cottonmouth, so she decided to talk to Knight and made an appointment in a park. In the park, Miller started to talk with Knight. She said that Mariah Dillard was the person who actually murdered Cottonmouth, not Luke Cage. She revealed that Dillard and Shades payed her so that she wouldn't tell the truth and accuse Cage for doing it. She also seemed to regret for what she did. Hearing this, Knight believed her. Knight told her not to tell anyone about this.[12]

Duel at Malcolm X Boulevard

Mariah Dillard and Shades entered Pop's Barber Shop. They were trying to recruit Luke Cage on their side. But soon they were interrupted by the arrival of Knight who attempted to arrest Dillard for the death of Cottonmouth. Instead of letting this happen, Shades pulled his gun to Knight, while Cage trying to make this situation in peace. But Knight accused Cage of working with criminals. Cage then spotted a grenade being dropped outside the shop and shielded Shades and the rest from the blast. It was revealed that Diamondback has come with his Specialized Battle Suit while Shades took this opportunity to steal Knight's phone. Diamondback then insulted that he was shooting his former ally, only to discover the suit was bulletproof, forcing him and the rest to get out while Cage and Diamondback were fighting each other. During the battle, Knight had a talk with some polices. And Claire Temple asked her if Cage can win this and she answer it with confident that Luke can win it.[13]

Attempting to arrest Mariah Dillard

Mariah suspected

Mariah Dillard is arrested by Knight

After Diamondback and Luke fought each other, Cage won it. After the battle was over, Knight quickly arrested Mariah Dillard for murdering Cottonmouth, while handcuffing her. So, Knight took her to the police station. There, Dillard was taken some photos in case she needed to be arrested. After that, Dillard was interrogated by some polices. But due to the lacking of proof, they couldn't arrest her. And Dillard can happily be free.[13]

Visiting Harlem's Paradise again


Knight took a look at Harlem's Paradise again

After the death of Cottonmouth, Black Mariah and Shades reopened Harlem's Paradise again. They renew it again under their control. And Shades watched Sharon Jones performing on the stage. Then Dillard kissed him. Then, he later joined Dillard on the balcony to watch the performance and drink champagne. Meanwhile, Misty Knight entered Harlem's Paradise and she seemed to be shocked and sad.[13]


Misty is a highly skilled and ranked detective with a strong sense of justice. She can imagine a crime scene as if it really happened now just by taking a look in a photo and this is what made Rafael Scarfe tired of her. But she still continues her behavior like this. Misty can also easily feel pressed and stressed. When she's pressed, she can loose control of her anger until she can choke or do physical things to someone who pressed her and she could blame someone easily. But she wouldn't arrest someone easily without evidence. This is proofed when Misty dared to arrest Mariah Dillard after she had evidence from Candace Miller. She is also shown to be easy to cooperate with someone she worked with especially when she wants to arrest Mariah Dillard for murdering Cottonmouth.


"You're doing it again. I hate it when you do that."
"Hate it when I do what?"
"Stare at the photos like they're about to start moving."
"They are talking and moving; you just have to be still enough to hear what they're saying."
Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight[src]
  • Master Detective: Misty Knight is a highly skilled, highly ranked detective. She is capable of reconstructing a crime scene in her mind simply looking at the photos taken at the scene; judging by Rafael Scarfe's remarks, Knight getting lost in her reconstructions is a common occurrence. She is also able to notice details that other detectives miss, such as Luke Cage being unharmed despite having bullet holes in his shirt.


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  • In the comics, Misty Knight ended up losing her arm during a terrorist attack and was outfitted with a bionic limb created by Tony Stark. She started her own detective agency Nightwing Restorations Ltd, with her friend Colleen Wing, who had regular dealings with Luke Cage and Iron Fist, and eventually had an on and off again relationship with Iron Fist. She later led her own team of Heroes for Hire and joined an incarnation of the Defenders. There is a reference in the MCU when Diamondback shot her in the arm.
  • Her badge number is 30935, as revealed in DWYCK.

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