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"Everyone we know is making twice what we are writing for blogs, working from home in their underwear. We’re hanging on by our fingertips, Ben. You really want to be greasing that ledge?"
―Ellison to Ben Urich[src]

Mitchell Ellison is the editor in chief at the New York Bulletin who worked closely alongside Ben Urich, and becoming increasingly frustrated with Urich's obsession with Wilson Fisk, eventually leading to Ellison being forced to fire Urich. However Urich was murdered shortly afterwards and his friend Karen Page took his old job, working with Ellison to write an editorial on Frank Castle.


Bulletin Editor

Kidnapped Boy Report

When a young boy was rescued by a mysterious man in a mask after being kidnapped, Ellison personally wrote the story about the incident for the New York Bulletin, telling the readers that the boy was now safe and sound and returned to his family.[1]

Controlling Ben Urich

"It’s not just the Russians, I think maybe the Union Allied scandal might tie into this."
"Right and you remember what that expose did for circulation, dick, with a side of who gives a crap."
Ben Urich and Ellison[src]

Ellison visited Ben Urich in his office to discuss his projects for the paper, he found Urich on the phone to insurance companies in an attempt to help with his wife's medical bills. Ellison and Urich discussed Urich's pitch for a new spread in the paper, about a new crimelord in Hell's Kitchen who had control over the Russians and was connected to the Union Allied Construction scandal. Ellison told him that it would not sell papers and suggested that he stop writing stories about gang violence and consider moving to another department and write about social events, such as whether or not Hell's Kitchen would get a new subway line. Urich reluctantly agreed and Ellison promised to help with his wife's medical coverage.[2]

Bombing of Hell's Kitchen

"Alright listen up everybody. We have reports coming in of multiple explosions all across Hell's Kitchen. Hey Henricks, call P.D. get a statement."
―Ellison to his staff[src]

When he received a call from the local law enforcements, Ellison called for an emergency meeting with all his staff and informed them of a series of explosions within Hell's Kitchen, with Ellison claimed to be most likely due to gas leaks. Ellison gave his journalists their tasks to investigate the story before Ben Urich asked to find out the locations of the explosions, Ellison informed him to the locations and Urich informed him that all the buildings involved were controlled by the Russian Mafia before he left to learn more.[1]

Phonecall with Urich

A few days later, Ellison sent Ben Urich to investigate a possible lead on a story. Urich called Ellison after he met with the man and told him that the lead was useless and the man he'd spoken to was crazy and had been wearing a tin-foil hat. Before they could continue speaking, Urich hung up as he claimed to be drowning in the rain and could not get into his car.[3]

Job Offer

Ellison was informed that Ben Urich had given a piece he had ben assigned to write about a fundraiser over to another journalist. When he went to ask Urich about it, he found him in his office looking over brochures for nursing homes for his wife. When Ellison asked him why he had passed on the story, Urich told him that it was for personal reasons, which Ellison did not question. Changing the subject, Ellison informed Urich that one of the New York Bulletin's editors was retiring to spend time with his grandchildren and Ellison asked if Urich would be interested in replacing him, as it would offer Urich a higher salary to support his wife. Urich turned down the offer, claiming that he was and always would be a reporter, not an editor, but thanked Ellison none the less.[4]

Firing Ben Urich

"The reason that you can’t get any of your crime pieces into the paper lately, is because they’re shit Ben, just like that one, and I think, deep down you know that too. You know what, forget about the suspension, clear out your office, I’m done trying to help you."
―Ellison to Ben Urich[src]

Ellison took a few hours off work to attend his son's cello performance at his school, when he returned to work he found that Ben Urich had written a piece about Wilson Fisk, claiming Fisk was the crimelord running the many crime rings in Hell's Kitchen. Ellison refused to print the story as he claimed it had zero evidence to support its claims, which caused Urich to lose his temper and call Ellison and himself whores for selling out. Ellison suspended Urich for this insult, but Urich continued to push the story, claiming Fisk would continue killing. When Ellison refused to print the story again, Urich accused him of being paid off by Fisk, claiming this to be the reason why Ellison would never print his stories. Ellison told Urich that his crime stories were shit and fired him on the spot.[5]

Ben Urich's Death

"He just stood there, like he was his friend. Like he had nothing to do with what happened."
Karen Page discusses Ellison's appearance at Ben Urich's funeral[src]

Shortly after being fired by Ellison, Ben Urich was murdered in his home by an attacker, who had strangled him to death. Ellison attended the funeral of his former friend and showed his respects to Doris Urich, Ben's widow, although Ellison could not help but notice that Karen Page was staring at him with accusing eyes as she blamed him for Urich's untimely death.[6]

The Leak Revealed

Ben Urich's many theories were proved correct when corrupt police officer Carl Hoffman confessed to his many crimes and exposed Wilson Fisk's entire criminal empire, leading to the arrests of anyone connected to Fisk. While in the office of the New York Bulletin, Ellison looked on in horror as the FBI stormed inside and arrested his secretary, Caldwell, who had been leaking Urich's stories and intel to Fisk's people. Realizing that Urich had been right the entire time and he had let down and betrayed his friend, Ellison could only bow his head in shame.[6]

Punisher Story

Karen Page's Request

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