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"That's what I love about you Molly. Our parents are killers, the cops are crooked and we almost got killed by some gang members. But you see it as everything is going great."
Karolina Dean[src]

Molly Hernandez is an young enhanced Human with a superhuman strength, a power she gained after being exposed to a mysterious type of rocks prior to and during the explosion that killed her biological parents, Gene and Alice Hernandez, when she was a child. She was adopted by Dale and Stacey Yorkes, the parents of Gert Yorkes. Upon reuniting with her childhood friends, they discovered that their parents used PRIDE to cover up ceremonial sacrifices of the Church of Gibborim. She teamed up with her friends and formed the Runaways. Having been framed for Destiny Gonzalez's murder, and with no other choice, they are forced to run.


Early Life

Losing her Parents

Molly (kid) - RW109

Hernandez playing with a rock

Molly Hernandez was born in 2003 to and Gene and Alice Hernandez. When Molly was four years old, while she was playing in their lab, she saw her parents worrying around the room. Her mother, Alice, approached her and told her that she loved her. Observing her parents, Molly noticed a stone on the desk that her mother had brought back, which moved by making light. Amused, she moved the stone until a door knocking noise drew her attention again, as well as that of her parents.

IMG 0278R

Hernandez gains her powers

While her parents discovered that they were locked up in the lab, Hernandez went back to playing with the stone. Seconds later, an explosion blasted the lab. Clinging to her stone and her soft toy, Molly went to hide under a table, watching the remains of the building following the explosion that has just killed her parents. Hernandez did not immediately realize what had just happened to her and remained calm to wait for someone to pick her up. As she looked at the sky, the color of her eyes turned orange, indicating that she had gained her powers.[2]

Adoption by the Yorkeses

IMG 0144-2R

Hernandez at her parent's funeral

Later, Hernandez attended the funeral of her parents being pampered by Stacey Yorkes who collapsed in tears understanding the suffering of it. Hernandez looked attentively at the burial of her parents, without crying once. Hernandez then went to the Yorkes Residence with the other children of the members of PRIDE, remaining sitting alone and playing with her stuffed elephant Elian.

IMG 0352-2R

Hernandez adopted by the Yorkes

Later, Hernandez was approached by Stacey and Dale Yorkes who asked her if she wanted to eat. Hernandez told them that she was not hungry but that her stuffed animal would not say no to a little food. The discussion turned to the fact that Hernandez dreamed of being an elephant and the Yorkesed finally offered her to come live with them, which Hernandez accepted without hesitation.[3]


Discovering her Powers


Hernandez in the nurse's office

Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez are taken to school, Atlas Academy, by Yorkes' parents, Dale and Stacey Yorkes, who adopted Hernandez after her parents died in a fire 10 years ago. After an awkward conversation, Yorkes and Hernandez abandon the car quickly. Hernandez auditions to be part of the of the dance squad, but experiences what seems to be bad menstrual cramps, and is unable to continue the tryout. Hernandez heads to the nurse's office. Molly is given meds at the nurse's office. When the nurse steps out, her powers suddenly emerge as she uses super-strength to accidentally crush her chair. This relieves her discomfort, the repression having been the true source of her pain.

Back home, Molly Hernandez tries out her powers in the garage. She tries to pull a van but fails, instead going to bend a crowbar, just as the van beings to roll towards her from behind. Hernandez notices and turns. Her powers suddenly activate to stop it, and she cheers at her success, before suddenly becoming very tired and slumping against the wall. Yorkes texts her adoptive sister, Hernandez, asking her to feed the pets at home, seeing as she will not be getting home soon. Hernandez's phone alert wakes her.


Hernandez meeting Old Lace.

Molly feeds the pets in the basement. She hears noises from the "Warning: Keep Out" room, and approaches the window. As she looks through, her adoptive parents' Deinonychus suddenly advances on the window, and Hernandez runs, terrified. She calls her sister, saying that she wants to leave the house, and Yorkes decides that she has waited long enough for Stein, leaving the cafeteria to go to pick up Hernandez.

Chase Stein and Karolina Dean, coming from the party, Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez, coming together, and Nico Minoru, coming from the beach, all show up at the Wilder MansionAlex Wilder is very pleased to have his friends finally reunited. The group of friends ask for suggestions on what to do next. Arguing amongst themselves, and not deciding on anything, Stein decides that if they are going to address the last 2 years of separation, he at least wants alcohol, and heads off to Geoffrey Wilder's office, where he remembers liquor used to be kept.

Runaways Teaser Trailer 21

The group discovers the passageway.

The group enters Geoffrey Wilder's living room, where they notice that their parents are gone. Alex Wilder reaches for coasters, but finds them stuck together. He twists the stack, and this triggers a mechanism, opening a secret passageway in the dresser which he was not aware of. The group head down the passageway, wondering where it may lead to. Arriving at an underground hall, the group are confused as to what is happening, seeing all but Dean's parents in red robes preparing for some sort of ritual. Wilder realizes that their parents cannot hear them, as there is some sort of protective sound barrier.


The group talking about what they saw.

As Gonzalez begs for PRIDE to stop their ritual, Leslie Dean attempts to continue to reassure her. She tells the group to hurry and finish the sacrifice, as Nico and Gert look on in horror. The box closes as Dean sheds a tear for Gonzalez's loss. Above, Minoru asks her friends what could possibly have just happened, and Molly reaches for her phone, wanting to be able to see what is going on. Before the group can stop her, she reaches out to take a photo, leaving the flash on. The group run to escape as the light catches the eyes of the PRIDE members, who look up, concerned as to what could have happened.

Geoffrey Wilder feels bad for making another sacrifice, but is comforted by his wife, who tells him to go to bed. Before leaving, he stumbles upon Molly Hernandez's hairpin near the entrance to the passageway, leaving him suspicious that the children might indeed have found their secret.[4]

Rescue of Alex Wilder

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Infiltration into Wizard Headquarters

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Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site

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Rescue of Karolina Dean

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Running Away

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"Molly... I've got nothing against you. You're really nice."
Chase Stein[src]

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Powers and Abilities


"You try lifting an SUV with you bare hands. It's exhausting."
―Molly Hernandez[src]
Molly moving a truck

Hernandez moving a truck

  • Superhuman Strength: Molly developed superhuman strength, presumably a result of coming in contact with a mysterious rock during her childhood. Though she started manifesting physical characteristics of this change immediately after the explosion that killed her parents (specifically, a reddish glow emanating from under the skin around her eyes and a bright golden-orange limbral ring around her irises), her powers did not start to develop until she reached puberty. In moments of great stress, tension, or other heightened emotions, her eyes begin to glow and her physical strength increases to superhuman levels. Since reaching puberty, Molly has demonstrated the power to easily crush a metal bench in her hands, lift a large SUV off of the ground, push a Volkswagon bus and another SUV for a considerable distance, rip a toilet that had been bolted to the floor up into the air, wrench a set of bars in a public bathroom from the windows (and taking quite a bit of the brick wall surrounding it as well), and push open a large set of locked wood and concrete doors, the latter of which was a feat that the other five Runaways were previously unable to accomplish with their combined strength. The upper limits of her powers are not yet known. However, after using her powers, Molly usually becomes very exhausted and sleepy.
Molly's eyes - Runaways1x10

Hernandez's eyes glow orange when her powers activate

  • Bioluminescence: When Molly's strength increases, her eyes glow with bright golden-orange ring around her irises.


  • Multilingualism: Molly has demonstrated the ability speak both American English and Spanish.






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  • In the comics, Molly Hayes is the mutant daughter of Gene and Alice Hayes who develops superhuman strength. After running away from her parents, she takes the alias Bruiser, but later changes it to Princess Powerful.

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