"Check out the new meat! I'm gonna slather you up in Gunavian jelly and go to town!"
―Monstrous Inmate to Peter Quill[src]

The Monstrous Inmate was a criminal imprisoned in the Kyln.


He became a criminal, but was captured by the Nova Corps and imprisoned in the Kyln.

The inmate threatened Peter Quill upon his arrival at the Kyln. Before he could put his threat into action, Groot stuck his fingers up the inmate's nose and lifted him into the air. While the inmate screamed in pain, Rocket Raccoon made an example of him by warning the other inmates that anyone who wanted to harm Quill would have to go through them. Groot then dropped the inmate and left him whimpering on the floor.

He was killed along with the other prisoners when Ronan the Accuser raided the Kyln in search of Gamora and ordered his subordinates to "cleanse" it in order to cover their tracks.[1]




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