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Naib is a member of the Ten Rings and Lina's contact with the organization.


The Ten Rings contacted Lina, Tony Stark's love interest, to offer her a deal for obtaining the blueprints for the Iron Man armor, and when she refused, they blackmailed her into doing it by kidnapping her son.

After an unsuccessful attempt to break into Tony Stark's Mansion, Lina contacted Naib while driving a stolen car, telling him that although she could not obtain the blueprints, she just needed to go to plan B. Naib warned her of the importance that nobody could relate them.

Lina ran over Iron Man while fleeing on a highway, and Naib threatened her if she gave them away, telling her that she would know the wrath of the Ten Rings. Naib's communication with Lina was cut when Stark crushed their wireless communicator.[1]