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"You want me to wear a suicide vest?"
"It's only if Hive infects you. And, technically, a suicide vest is something you control."
"So it's a murder vest."
Lincoln Campbell and Phil Coulson[src]

The Nanothermite Vest was an explosive vest created by Phil Coulson only to be used in the case that an Inhuman was swayed by Hive.


As Phil Coulson, Melinda May and Lincoln Campbell were preparing to after Hive, Coulson said to Campbell that if would go with them, he had to wear the Nanothermite Vest. Campbell disapproved of wearing, but eventually he agreed and wore it during the investigation of Alisha Whitley.[1]

Campbell and Yo-Yo Rodriguez wore the Nanothermite Vest during the Battle of the Missile Silo. During the mission, Rodriguez asked Alphonso Mackenzie if he would let her explode if she would be swayed by Hive. She told him she rather die than turning into someone's slave.[2]


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