"How's little Natasha, huh?"
"She's ... Nathaniel."
Black Widow and Laura Barton[src]

Nathaniel Pietro Barton is the third child of Clint and Laura Barton. His first name is the masculine form of Natasha, after Natasha Romanoff, while his middle name is a homage to Pietro Maximoff.


Shortly before Nathaniel Barton was born, his father retired from the Avengers to live with him and his family.

His parents originally planned to name him Natasha, until discovering he was going to be a boy. Therefore, he was named Nathaniel Pietro after Pietro Maximoff, who sacrificed himself while saving Clint in battle.[1]






  • Before he was known to be a boy, Nathaniel's name was planned to be "Natasha".
  • In the Ultimate Marvel comics, Clint and Laura's younger son is named Lewis Barton. His mother, his siblings and himself were murdered by a black ops team that was led in Barton's home by a traitor within the Ultimates, an alternate version of the Avengers.
  • In the animated film Next Avengers, Hawkeye has a son called Francis Barton. He is also seen in the comics as part of one possible future timeline.


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