"These pods are industrial grade, they're nearly indestructible."
"Not against necroblasts, they're not."
Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon[src]

Necroblasters are energy-based weapons that were commonly used by the Sakaarans.


"I want the big one."
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Necroblasters are a line of direct energy weapon used by the Sakaaran infantry. Necro rifles are the most common and reliable weapon in the Sakaaran's arsenal and acts as each soldier's primary weapon.

As Star-Lord attempted to flee the planet Morag with the Orb, Korath the Pursuer and a group of Sakaaran soldiers attempted to capture him and bring him to Ronan the Accuser. When Star-Lord made it to his ship, the Milano, Korath set up a large cannon-sized Necroblaster in an attempt to shoot down his ship.

During the Battle of Xandar, Gamora used the Necroblaster to kill the Sakaarans guarding Ronan the Accuser on the bridge of the Dark Aster.[1]


Necro Rifle

Necro Rifles were standard sized Sakaaran weapons that fired directed bolts of a form of green energy.

Stationary Cannon

A heavier version of the Necroblaster weapons, these cannons are mounted on a stationary base and have enough fire power to take down a small spacecraft.