"You know I'll bet you're real pretty when you smile... Ah that's what I'm talking about. Ned Silver, talent agent to the stars."
―Ned Silver to Agnes Cully[src]

Ned Silver is a talent agent who scouted and hired Agnes Cully, advising her to change her name to Whitney Frost and become an actress.


New Star

"Smile like that and I bet I could get you some work as a model, or maybe even an actress in one of those pictures. What do you think?"
"That sounds real interesting."
―Ned Silver and Agnes Cully[src]

While standing outside the Olympic Movie House, Ned Silver saw a pretty young lady about to enter; he asked her to smile because she was frowning. When she smiled, Silver noticed that the lady looked much better and told her such. Caressing her hair to emphasize her face, Silver told the lady that he was a talent scout for motion pictures and thought that she could be the next big star, citing that his help would be necessary but it would be mutually beneficial. The lady was hesitant but she did not retreat. Silver asked her her name; she told him Agnes Cully. Silver said that she needed a name to match her beauty and told her that she was now Whitney Frost.[1]