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"The perimeter is surrounded by a 20-foot-high Neodymium Laser Grid, touch it and you're toast."
"Dead toast."
Leo Fitz and Phil Coulson[src]

The Neodymium Laser Fencing is a wall made of lasers powered by Neodymium and used to secure the grounds at Ian Quinn's estate in Malta.


When Franklin Hall was kidnapped under Ian Quinn's orders and taken to Malta, he was secured in a compound surrounded by a 20-feet-high grid of neodymium lasers.

In order to enter the compound and rescue Hall, Skye infiltrated the mansion in order to be near a computer to gain wireless access and allow Agent Leo Fitz to crack the system and trigger a reboot that disabled the fence for three seconds.

These lasers are powerful enough to disintegrate the bullets that were shot to Agents Phil Coulson and Grant Ward.[1]


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