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"We're a newspaper, Ellison, not a girly mag."
Ben Urich[src]

New York Bulletin is a tabloid newspaper from New York City.


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Publication History



  • Mitchell Ellison - Editor
  • Karen Page - Reporter
  • Haverson - Metropolitan Section Editor (formerly)
  • Ben Urich - Reporter (formerly)
  • Caldwell - Secretary, Wilson Fisk's mole (formerly)
  • G. Doherty - Reporter
  • Henricks - Reporter
  • Taylor - Reporter
  • C. Kelly - Reporter
  • Manus
  • Stan Cati
  • M. Murhpy
  • E. Ellis
  • D. Krause
  • K. Haas
  • Stantacki
  • Sarah
  • Michael Jortner - Reporter
  • Steven Morahan - Reporter
  • Carly Whitaker - Reporter
  • Tyanna Lazauskas - Reporter


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