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"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we all know that this city needs help. It needs it now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not when the day comes that the corruption Wilson Fisk left in his wake is flushed out for good and the police force is finally back on its feet. We need it now, because this city has been sick. And the cops, they can't fix it alone. They need – we all need – men and women willing to take the fight themselves. The kind of people who risk their lives so we can all walk safe at night in our own neighborhoods. The ones our esteemed District Attorney is trying so hard to destroy. New York needs these people. We need heroes."
Matt Murdock at Punisher's trial[src]

The New York City Police Department, often shortened as NYPD, is the largest municipal police force in the United States of America, and the primary responsible for law enforcement and investigation within the five boroughs of New York City.


Johann Fennhoff's Campaign

Massacre at the Cinema Theater

Detective Prendergast was tasked with investigating a massacre inside a cinema theater. He called the New York Bell Company Office branch of the Strategic Scientific Reserve upon seeing the carnage.

Upon arrival of the SSR agents Peggy Carter, Jack Thompson, and Daniel Sousa he explained to them that none of the forty-seven customers survived the massacre. He walked the agents through the police investigation of the patrons who had their heads bashed in and eyes gouged. He commented that the scene was as if a monster destroyed the place.

At a different section of the theater, Prendergast asked Sousa if the agents were accustomed to sights like this. Sousa assured them they are not and started to search for some clues.

While searching Sousa found the Midnight Oil canister and accidently inhaled some of the gas still inside. Under the influence of the gas Sousa attacked Thompson. He was eventually knocked out by the baton of a police officer.[1]

Kidnapping of Officer Pike

Meanwhile at another part of town Officer Pike noticed a driver go trough a stop sign and decided to stop the car. Before approaching the car he left the policeradio within is his car loud enough to be heard. Pike explained the young lady driving the car why he had stopped her and told her that she was lucky that she did not have an accident. After hearing her reaction he decided to allow them to leave.

As he walked back to his vehicle Pike heard that a car fitting the description of the one he just stopped was stolen near the massacre at the movie theater. He then decided to turn around to return to the driver, only to find her pointing a gun at her.[1]

Assassination of Jack Murdock

Two police officers, including Ray Peters, were called to check and cordon off the place where the body of Jack Murdock had been found dead due to a shot wound.

Matt Murdock, the victim's son, arrived at the place, and while Officer Peters tried to prevent Matt from entering, his colleague realized that Matt was blind, and let them enter upon hearing Matt that the man that had just been killed may be his father.[2]

Battle at Stark Expo

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Duel of Harlem

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Battle of New York

When above New York City a portal opened that allowed the Chitauri to enter Earth the New York City Police Department quickly reacted by sending their officers in order to help. The officered opened fire at Chitauri soldiers as they flew overhead on chariots, to no effect. Captain America took command of the NYPD, ordering them to set up a perimeter down to 39th Street and evacuate buildings with civilians in them. They were later assited by the National Guard during the battle and with the evacuation of civilians in the area. Many officers died during the battle against the Chitauri.[3]

Devil of Hell's Kitchen

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Chase of Luke Cage

"Look, we're wired differently. We run towards gunfire. We drink when we're sad. We screw when we're mad. And people hate us until they need us. And I hate that. But I love it, too."
Misty Knight[src]
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War for New York

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The Punisher's Return

Massacre at Linello's

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Robert Coleman Case

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Name Position Badge number Status
Chris DiMolina Commissioner Active
Priscilla Ridley Deputy Chief Active
West Inspector Active
Betty Audrey Captain Discharged
Strieber Captain Active
Tom Ridenhour Captain Deceased
William Pike Captain Active
Irving Forbush Captain
Perez Lieutenant In Custody
Mario Green Lieutenant Alive
Brett Mahoney Detective Sgt. 0843 Active
Thompson Detective Sgt. Active
Christian Blake Detective Deceased
Donnie Chang Detective Active
Tomas Ciancio Detective Active
Oscar Clemons Detective 1608 Deceased
Dorsey Detective Inactive
Evans Detective Alive
Carl Hoffman Detective Inactive
Misty Knight Detective 0935 Alive
Nick Manolis Detective Active
Prendergast Detective
Rafael Scarfe Detective Deceased
Jake Smith Detective Active
Eddy Costa Detective Active
Ruth Sunday Detective Deceased
Callahan Detective Transferred
Brigid O'Reilly Detective Transferred
Mark Bailey Detective Active
Nandi Tyler Detective In Custody
Will Simpson Sergeant 9292 Deceased
Silva Sergeant 332 Active
Thomas Sergeant 1833 Active
MacLean Sergeant Alive
Jackie Albini Officer Deceased
Cooper Police Officer 6380 Active
Corbin Police Officer 0787 In Custody
Morth Police Officer 17057 Active
Ray Peters Police Officer 8417 Active
Pike Police Officer Deceased
Pinski Police Officer Deceased
Dawn Police Officer Active
Saunders Police Officer 7492 Alive
Sullivan Police Officer 0627 Deceased
Vasquez Police Officer Alive
Warren Police Officer Alive
Clyde Farnum Prison Guard Deceased
Herrera Police Officer 1856 Alive
Masterson Police Officer 1024 Alive
Randone Police Officer Alive
Herrera Police Officer Alive
Reed Police Officer Alive
Powell Police Officer Alive
John Polsky Police Officer Alive
Mikey Police Officer Alive
Bowie Police Officer Alive
Gabe Krasner Consultant Formerly/Alive



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