Doctor Nicodemus West is a neurosurgeon who worked at Metro-General Hospital where he developed a rivalry with a fellow Doctor working there, Stephen Strange. West saved Strange's life after a near fatal car accident, although his work could not save Strange's hands which developed irreparable nerve damage. West continued working at the hospital while Strange searched for a way to fix his hands. The pair came back into contact when Strange brought in the Ancient One and personally asked West to take charge of the operation, although she could not be saved.


Working with Doctor Strange

"Now's not the time for showing off, Strange!"
"How about ten minutes ago when you called the wrong time of death?"
―Nicodemus West and Stephen Strange[src]

Nicodeous West was preparing to start recovering an apparently dead patient's organs, when fellow doctor Stephen Strange with Christine Palmer barged into the room and ordered him to stop because Strange had found an initially missed bullet lodged in the patient's brain. As Strange prepared to operate, he asked West to place his hand over his watch, as the ticking was distracting him. As West complied, Strange operated and saved the patient's life.

Immediately following the surgery, Strange asked Palmer if she and West were sleeping together. Palmer denied the accusation, stating it was against the "Strange Policy," a policy against dating coworkers that she named after him.

Operating on the Ancient One

Several months later, Doctor Strange returned to Metro-General Hospital, rushing a mortally wounded woman to the emergency room. As colleague Christine Palmer began attempting to save the woman's life, Strange approached West and offered him a scalpel, showing West that he trusted him to save the woman's live. Despite his best efforts, however, the Ancient One passed away.


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  • In the comics, Doctor Nicodemus West was the surgeon who operated on Stephen Strange's hands following his auto accident. He also admired him due to Strange being an extremely intelligent and skillful surgeon, unlike in the film where he has a rivalry with Strange. Additionally, he followed Strange to Kamar-Taj many years later, and acquired a scarce set of mystical abilities.

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