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Nicole is an employee at WNEX New York, who worked with Trish Walker on the show Trish Talk.


Booking Madeleine Albright

Nicole, together with Zack visited Trish Walker's Apartment to discuss Trish Talk. While Trish Walker and Zack talked about booking whether or not they should book Madeleine Albright, to which Zack advised against since it was a live style show and their audience would tune out for politics; Nicole sat next to them silently eating and taking minutes. Nicole and Zack were then sent away by Walker, who noticed Jessica Jones climbing on the balcony, with the reason that it was late. After Walker and Zack agreed to pick it up at the station, Nicole was told by Zack to go with him. Nicole gathered her stuff and, before walking away, grabbed some more food.[1]

Interview with Hope Shlottman

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Nicole was working behind the scenes of Trish Talk when Trish Walker used the show to apologize to Kilgrave about what she said about him during her interview with Hope Shlottman.[2]

Interview with a Flutist

"What are you doing? There's five minutes left in the show."

Diane Masagi was a guest on Trish Talk; Nicole worked in her booth as Trish Walker interviewed the flutist about her autobiography. Will Simpson entered the workplace, and Nicole watched as Walker went to talk to him; Masagi meanwhile began playing her instrument for the listening audience. Before the two conversed, Walker asked Nicole to replace her in the studio; Nicole was hesitant, citing that she did not know what to do, but Walker assured her that she should just let Masagi perform. After the two conversed, Walker told Nicole that she was leaving and to replace her for the rest of the interview; Nicole frowned nervously.[3]

About the Earthquake

"What the hell happened?"
"The interview with the school superintendent, boss says it's going on now."
"Did you cut off my call?"
"They called from upstairs. Said we gotta lay off the earthquake stuff. I don't know why, but from the tone they used, it was not a conversation."
Trish Walker and Nicole[src]

During Trish Walker's usual show on Trish Talk, she spoke with people via calls to talk about the New York City Earthquake from the night prior. While many speculated on the cause of the quake, one conversation with a geologist explained that the phenomenon was no ordinary earthquake, as the epicenter was too high and was not on a known fault line. Without warning, the call was shut off, Nicole informing Walker that their superiors wanted her to steer away from talking about the incident.[4]




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