"Okay, you understand light is both particles and waves?"
"Mister Stark has found a way of altering the behavior of the waves."
―Nikola and Peggy Carter[src]

Nikola was a scientist imprisoned by Leviathan.


"If he was here, I would be in Kiev with my wife."

Nikola was a brilliant Ukranian scientist who was imprisoned by Leviathan. He had a fragile mind which needed to be kept under control, so Ivchenko was ordered to take care of his mind.

One day he was rescued by Peggy Carter, Jack Thompson and the Howling Commandos. He enthusiastically explained the project he was working with Howard Stark's design for a Photonic Amplifier and said that although the weapons were Stark's designs, Stark was not involved with the plans.

He was broken out of his cell and he and Ivchenko made their escape with Carter. They were attacked by their Russian guards however and Nikola struggled to cope under the pressure.


Nikola is shot and killed

As the team waited for Dum Dum Dugan to help them escape, they engaged in the fierce gunbattle with the Russian soldiers. Nikola panicked and took Happy Sam Sawyer hostage, stealing a gun pleading with the guards to let him go free. Carter drew her gun on Nikola and threatened to shoot him if he did not free the soldier. Ivchenko tried to calm him down but Nikola did not listen or lower his gun. In the end, Ivchenko was forced to shoot Nikola through the heart, killing him instantly.[1]


  • Genius Level Intellect: Although his mind was fragile, Nikola was able to understand the most complex designs and build incredible weapons.
  • Master Engineer: Leviathan kidnapped Nikola when the organization needed someone to understand and duplicate the work of the master engineer Howard Stark. Nikola was able to break down the schematics of the Photonic Amplifier and explain the advanced scientific workings in a way that others could comprehend.



  • Wife