"Is Vanaheim secure?"
"As are Nornheim and Ria." [...]
"For the first time since the Bifrost was destroyed, the Nine Realms are at peace. They're well reminded of our strength, and you have earned their respect and my gratitude."
Odin and Thor[src]

Nornheim is one of the worlds outside of the Nine Realms under Asgardian protection.


Thor's coronation

Before Thor's coronation ceremony, Loki recounts the adventures the brothers had been on in the past, mentioning Nornheim as a rare moment Thor was nervous. Thor merely laughs and corrects him, saying that it wasn't nerves but the rage of battle, and credits himself with fighting through a hundred warriors. However, Loki credits himself for helping their friends out of danger with his smokescreen.[1]

Banished to Midgard

"You! What realm is this? Alfheim, Nornheim?"
"New Mexico?"
Thor and Darcy Lewis[src]

When Thor was exiled to Earth, he immediately came across Jane Foster and her associates. He asked what Realm he was in, suggesting Alfheim or Nornheim.[1]

Marauders' War

Following the destruction of the Bifrost and subsequent absence of the Asgardians throughout the Nine Realms, the Marauders began pillaging various worlds formerly under Asgard's protection, including Nornheim. After recovering the Tesseract from Earth and using it to restore the Bifrost, Thor led Asgard's forces against the Marauders and once again secured the Nine Realms, including Vanaheim, Nornheim, and Ria. This much he relates to Odin upon returning to Asgard after the Battle of Vanaheim.[2]


  • In the non-canon video game Thor: God of Thunder, Nornheim was once the home to the Rock Trolls before they were banished to Vanaheim.[3]
  • In Norse mythology, Nornheim, or Urðarbrunnr, is a section of Asgard and the home of the Norns, three old wise sisters. Every day, the gods traveled over the Bifrost Bridge to their meeting place in Urdarbrunnr. It along with two more wells nourishes Yggdrasil.

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