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The Nova Corps are the intergalactic military and police force of the Nova Empire, led by an individual holding the rank of Nova-Prime.


The Nova Corps were on the front lines of a war with the Kree Empire for over 1,000 years. In 2014, a peace agreement was reached; although the Nova Corps presumably welcomed the respite, rioting broke out throughout the Kree Empire.

Outraged by the peace agreement, a Kree named Ronan the Accuser made a pact with Thanos in order to exterminate Xandar. This caused Nova-Prime Irani Rael to call the Kree Ambassador and ask for a testimonial from the Kree Empire that condemned Ronan's murderous actions across the galaxy; however, the ambassador refused.

The Corps defended Xandar on the Battle of Xandar, coordinating with the Guardians of the Galaxy after Nova Prime decided to trust them. Partly through the Corps' valiant efforts, the battle was narrowly won, with many members of the Corps giving their lives before Ronan was finally defeated. After the battle, the Guardians went through with Gamora's plan to entrust the Orb to the Nova Corps, believing they were one of the few organizations that could be trusted not to use it. Nova Prime assured them of their good intentions and locked the Orb in a secure vault on Xandar. In gratitude, the Nova Corps expunged their criminal records to allow them a fresh start.[1]


Nova Ranks

The Nova Corps Ranks: Corpsman, Millenian, Denarian, Centurion and Nova Prime.[2]








  • The three lights on the Nova Corp's chest plates represent the three suns of Xandar.


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