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"Did you know this church is in the exact center of the city? The elders decreed it so that everyone could be equally close to God. I like that. The geometry of belief."
Ultron to Wanda and Pietro Maximoff[src]

The Novi Grad Church was an abandoned church located in the Sokovia capital of Novi Grad.


Meeting With "Iron Man"

Ultron to the throne

Ultron greets the twins Wanda and Pietro Maximoff.

Pietro and Wanda Maximoff were informed by Costel that Iron Man wanted to meet with them in the church. The twins went to the church and instead of finding Iron Man, they were meet by a stranger cladded in a red cloak who informed them of how much he enjoyed the church. The stranger then shed his cloak and reveled himself to be the Ultron, the artificial intelligence robot Tony Stark had designed and who had now gone rogue.[1]

Forming An Alliance


Ultron informed the twins that he planed to destroy the Avengers and that he needed their help to carry out his plans. Pietro and Wanda agreed to help aid Ultron because of their own hatred toward the Avengers and Tony Stark. The Twins then left the church with Ultron who proceeded to led the Maximoffs back to the HYDRA Research Base.[1]

Battle of Sokovia

"Come to confess your sins?"
"I don't know. How much time you got?"
"More than you."
Ultron and Iron Man[src]

Ultron is confronted by Vision.

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