"Brave Sif, soon Thor will need you, and so too will all of Asgard. Today I deny fate..."

The Odinforce was a powerful magic used by Odin. It is also the source of power of the Destroyer and Gungnir.[1]


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During Thor's coronation, a squad of Frost Giants infiltrated Odin's Vault. Sensing their presence, Odin activated the Destroyer, which was stored within the Vault itself. The Destroyer armor powered up, summoning the Odinforce and disintegrating the intruders with energy blasts emitted from its head.

After Loki angrily yelled at his adoptive father for not informing him of his true nature, Odin collapsed in shock. Immediately after, Loki called upon some guards that carried him to the bed chamber where he is supposed to stay until his Odinsleep is over, during which Odin would rejuvenate and replenish the Odinforce.[1][2]

"You know, it's kind of hard to trust someone when you don't know who that someone really is."
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Non Canon Use

After the death of Sif at the hands of a Frost Goliath, Loki visited Odin who informed him that he would use the Odinforce to revive Sif. Loki told him that Thor would defy him and wage war against the Jotuns until Ragnarök. Odin stated that his intention in reviving Sif was to prevent Thor from starting another war with the Frost Giants. Loki expressed belief that this plan would work and that Thor would defend Asgard in Odin's stead while he recovered in the Odinsleep. Odin used the Odinforce to revive Sif, but stated that she would not wake for several days. Drained of an immense amount of power, Odin entered the Odinsleep.[3]