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"Pop has got you washing towels again, huh? Yeah, I took a New Yorker off the top for you. Can't tell you what's on the cover, though. Hey, I hope you got Connie's rent money. She's on the warpath."
―Ollie to Luke Cage[src]

Oliver, called Ollie by his friends, is a blind newsstand owner who worked in Harlem outside of Genghis Connie's.


Oliver was a blind newsstand owner who ran his business from the street outside Genghis Connie's in Harlem, New York City. Although he was blind, Oliver could discern a person's presence from their smell. In the case of Luke Cage, he could smell the bleach from the cleaning materials Pop made him used to clean towels. When noticing Cage he greeted him. Oliver had kept a copy of the New Yorker for Cage. Just before Cage left Oliver warned him for Connie Lin, who was on a warpath for Cage his rent money.[1]




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