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"Right now your only concern is putting Hope in a car and driving west, and don't stop until you hit Omaha."
Jessica Jones[src]

Omaha is the largest city in the state of Nebraska.


Bob and Barbara Shlottman, a general contractor and an accountant, established a family, living in a house on Harriston Street in Omaha, and eventually had a daughter, Hope, and a son, Owen.

The Shlottmans raised their sons to be cabal, frugal and dedicated, and Hope grew up to become a gifted athlete, gaining an athletic scholarship at the New York University, so she moved out from Nebraska.

The Shlottmans had regular contact with Hope, talking to her at least once a week. However, during one of their latest conversations, Hope called her parents saying she needed to take a break, and that she was going to quit both the team and her apartment, so Barbara and Bob left Omaha and took a plane to check her out.[1]


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