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For other uses, see Omar (disambiguation)

Omar is the CEO of Global Incorporated.


Flying Race

Omar contacted Tony Stark to test the newly designed Glider Harness made by his company, Global Incorporated, in a race against his Iron Man Armor. He was confident that his design was better than Stark's armor, so he promised to donate five million dollars to the Maria Stark Foundation if Iron Man was able to beat their Glider Harness.

During the race, Iron Man not only bested the two pilots, but he also caused the destruction of Global Incorporated0s billboard, so when Stark landed in fron of him, he was angry for both the results of his Harness and the destruction of the billboard.

Omar then refused to donate the agreed quantity, arguing that the cost of the sign would require the five millions. Stark simply told Omar to bill him the cost of the sign.[1]


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