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"Voice Command: Nebula. Engage Ablative Force-Field. Engage Omni-Enviro Skinsuit Super-Cryo System."

The Omni-Enviro Skinsuit is a specialized suit designed to withstand harsh conditions from a high variety of environments, such as outer space.


After gaining a lead on the location of the Orb, Thanos sent Nebula to Praxius IX with the mission of infiltrating one of the Cloud Tombs of Praxius.

Nebula outfits herself with a Omni-Enviro Skinsuit, to allow her to enter the atmosphere of Praxius IX, deploying the suit's ablative force field and super coolant to withstand the air scorch effect of the atmosphere entrance.

Once over Praxius IX's surface, the suit's Wingchute system allowed Nebula to fly over to Cloud Tombs of Praxius, where she deceived the Ion Missile Turrets used as a defense system thanks to the suit's Ghost Chaff, a system that creates multiple holograms of the user of the suit, ejecting herself from the suit after that to enter inside the Tomb.[1]


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