Ovechkin was a soldier of the Soviet Armed Forces during World War II.


The Day Before


Prior to joining the Soviet Armed Forces in World War II, Ovechkin had a picnic with his mother. They played a prolonged game of chess; Ovechkin hoped to make the day and the enjoyment last as long as possible. His mother knew what he was doing and surrendered, telling him that he could not stop time. As they walked in the field, he told his mother what he planned to do after the war.[1]


Ovechkin laid in the bed in 1943 during the war, dying, with a need to have his leg amputated to stop his infection. The Soviet camp was loaded beyond capacity and no longer had anesthesia. A Surgeon asked Doctor Johann Fennhoff to use his ability to numb a man's mind on Ovechkin so that he would not feel pain as the surgery took place. Though reluctant, because he had never used his power in that style before, Fennhoff had Ovechkin think to a happy time in his life. While Ovechkin was reminiscing about the day before he joined the military, a nurse cut off his leg with a bone saw. [1]




Behind the Scenes