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"Your suit, it's Vibranium?""
Steve Rogers[src]

The Panther Habit is a Vibranium suit used by Black Panther, the king and protector of Wakanda.


"So you like cats?"
"What? The guy shows up dressed up as a cat. You don't want to know more?"
Falcon and Captain America to Black Panther[src]
Captain America Civil War 138

The Black Panther fighting the Winter Soldier.

As the newly-initiated King of Wakanda, T'Challa donned the Panther Habit to avenge his father and predecessor, T'Chaka, who had perished in a terrorist attack believed to have been committed by the Winter Soldier. Tracking Bucky Barnes to Bucharest, Black Panther fiercely hunted him down to a traffic tunnel which led him into a skirmish with the Winter Soldier, as well as Captain America and Falcon, where he proved to be a match for all three. Eventually, however, Black Panther was stopped by War Machine and an entire police squad, to which he revealed himself.

Black Panther Catches Hawkeye's Arrows 2

Black Panther unharmed by Hawkeye's Explosive Arrows.

Seeking revenge against the escaped Winter Soldier, T'Challa would don the Panther Habit again, fighting on Iron Man's side in the Clash of the Avengers against Captain America and the Winter Soldier along with their supporters. However, he was stopped short of capturing the pair by Black Widow, who held him back with her Black Widow's Bite as they escaped in a Quinjet. Later, planning to finally find and kill the Winter Soldier, T'Challa followed Tony Stark to the Winter Soldier laboratory in Siberia where he discovered that the terrorist attack that killed his father was actually orchestrated by Helmut Zemo. Seeing the effects of revenge on Zemo, Black Panther chose to spare him to the point of preventing Zemo from taking his own life.[1]


Black Panther Civil War

The Vibranium within the suit absorbing the impact of the bullets.

The Vibranium in the suit made the user completely bulletproof and near-indestructible, able to survive two explosive arrows from Hawkeye's arsenal to the head[1]. Due to the Vibranium absorbing and redirecting force, the user becomes physically superhuman, enough to outmaneuver and vault over moving cars, lunge across several feet in a quadrupedal fashion, land on their feet from several stories unphased, and send humans flying with attacks, as well as overpowering the likes of Winter Soldier. The suit also had retractable Vibranium claws on the fingers that could cut through almost anything, even scratching Captain America's Vibranium Shield.[1]

Behind the Scenes

  • Ryan Meinerding, Head of Visual Development of Marvel Studios, said “I tend to like to design the ‘men-of-action’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I find the ones I’m drawn to are the more physical ones, the ones who specialize in hand-to-hand combat. Panther’s silhouette throughout the comics has always been lithe, and because the costume was primarily black with muscle shapes, the challenge with this one was trying to find a way to translate something that’s simple to a real-world setting with enough texture and detail to not just be a man in a black leotard. I was trying to come up with ways of having he suit constructed that the audience wouldn’t understand - it’s meant to be woven together in ways that are nearly impossible to achieve in a practical setting, and therefore make it feel like it’s from a culture that’s way more advanced than ours. The overall concept is that it’s a woven suit - on a more granular level, there is Vibranium woven into the fabric. This Vibranium would provide a silver sheen so that when it catches the light, it would glisten a bit. From there we tried to create a design language for patterns to fit very subtly into the hard Vibranium pieces that are woven through the suit.”[2]


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