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The Parker Residence is the home to Peter and May Parker.


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Recruiting Spider-Man

Tony recruits Peter

Tony shows Peter online footage of him.

When Tony Stark is required to bring Captain America and his team in to custody, Tony goes to Queens to recruit a 15 year old kid named Peter Parker. As Peter comes home he tells his Aunt May that there is a strange car parked outside before realizing that they have a guest - none other than Tony Stark.

Tony and Peter talk inside his room about how he is Spider-Man and that Tony wants him to come with him to Germany. Peter denies being Spider-Man but Tony finds his costume and shows footage of him stopping crime and a car crash.[1]

Returning Home

Peter discovers the Spider Signal

Peter discovers the Spider Signal.

After Spider-Man's battle at the airport with the Avengers, Aunt May is tending to Peter's wounds in his room. May asks who gave Peter his injuries and he tells her it was a 'Steve' from Brooklyn and his friend who was really big. When Aunt May leaves his room, Peter's web shooters project a red light onto the ceiling.[2]


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