"I know you sneak out of this house every night. That's not fine."
May Parker[src]

The Parker Residence is the home to Peter and May Parker.


May Worried

May Parker sees the news about the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre.

One month after the Attack on the IFID Headquarters, Peter Parker was preparing to leave his home as May Parker sees the news about the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre. Parker sees his aunt May worried and tells her to relax.[1]

Recruiting Spider-Man


Tony Stark in the Parker Residence.

When Tony Stark is required to bring Captain America and his team in to custody, Tony goes to Queens to recruit a 15 year old kid named Peter Parker. As Peter comes home he tells his Aunt May that there is a strange car parked outside before realizing that they have a unexpected guest, which was none other than Tony Stark.

Tony recruits Peter

Tony shows Peter online footage of him.

Tony privately talked to Peter inside his room, showing footage of him stopping a car crash. Peter denied being Spider-Man, but finds his makeshift costume in a secret hiding place. Peter had no choice but to confess that he is Spider-Man, as Tony later tells him to come with him to Germany.[2]

Returning Home

"Go home. Or I'll call Aunt May."
Iron Man to Spider-Man[src]
Peter discovers the Spider Signal

Peter discovers the Spider Signal.

After Spider-Man's battle at the airport with the Avengers, Aunt May is tending to Peter's bruise in his room. May asks who gave Peter his injury and he tells her it was a 'Steve' from Brooklyn and his friend who was huge. When Aunt May leaves his room, Peter's web-shooters projected a red light onto the ceiling.[3]


  • According to Aunt May, the apartment is located 6 blocks away from Delmar's Deli-Grocery shop, and when Ned and Peter are walking to school, the deli shop is located on the corner of 21st street, which means that the Parker's apartment building is located on 15th street.


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