"Now that we seem to be back, let's recap some of the frightening developments."
―Pat Kiernan reporting after one of the Mandarin's "lessons"[src]

Patrick "Pat" Kiernan is a news anchor on NY1.


Pat Kiernan, along with many other reporters, discussed the Avengers and the Battle of New York, and how the team had disappeared not long after they had first appeared.[1]

A few months later, Kiernan reported that American airwaves had been hijacked by a terrorist calling himself "The Mandarin".[2]

In 2015, Kiernan reported on the event in which Officer Sullivan of the New York City Police Department was held prisoner by the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.[3]

Kiernan, along with Annika Pergament, reported on the arrests of various Police Officers, Parish Landman, and Senator Randolph Cherryh. Kiernan also informed the media that a firefight had begun involving the FBI transport vehicle carrying Wilson Fisk.[4]

Several months later, Kiernan discussed the capture of the Punisher.[5]

By 2016, Kiernan was still working on TV as a reporter.[6][7]


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  • Though he is obviously based on a real person, Pat Kiernan is the only character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies to have appeared in any of the Netflix series.


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