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"If you want out of here you're gonna have to start being honest with me."
―Paul Edmonds[src]

Paul Edmonds is a psychiatrist working at Birch Psychiatric Hospital who treated Danny Rand when he was first committed to the facility.


Evaluating John Anderson

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Paul Edmonds visited Danny Rand in his room after another patient, posing as a doctor, attempted to kill him. He asked if he had awakened Rand from his slumber, to which he corrected that he was meditating. Seated next to the bed, Edmonds asked Rand to speak about his moments as "Danny Rand;" Edmonds, then, questioned him about John Anderson, revealing an identification card with Rand's face and Anderson's name printed. Though Rand declined he knew of it, Edmonds left him alone, requesting that he told the truth before he could be fully evaluated and discharged.[1]

Evaluating Ward Meachum

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  • In the comics, Paul Edmonds was a psychiatrist that went to evaluate Hank Pym's mental fitness to stand trial for his accusation of treason.



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