"And Pete, you will always be my boy."

Peter Leitner is a member of the United States Navy.


Early Life

Pete Leitner and his best friend Schneider had many exploits together including an outing in Tijuana in 2009. Leitner decided to join the Navy some time afterwards, eventually being assigned with his unit to an anti-HYDRA taskforce. His decision was supported by Schneider because it changed Leitner for the better.

When Leitner asked Mariah to marry him, she accepted and he chose his best friend to be his best man.[1]

The Wedding

At the wedding of Pete and Mariah, many of Leitner's Naval colleagues were invited. As Schneider gave his toast to the newlyweds, he reminisced about his and Leitner's past exploits. When he brought up Tijuana, 2009, many of them moaned. This caused Mariah to look at her husband, uncomfortably.[1]

Massacre at the Wedding Party

Unknown to the attendees, the wait staff were agents of HYDRA who spiked the champagne with a chemical to duplicate the effects of the Diviner. As Schneider drank, parts of his face became petrified but the Leitners did not die as a result of the poisoning.[1]