"He was a great kid."
Jessica Jones[src]

Phillip Jones was Jessica Jones' brother. He was killed in a car accident along with his mother and father, with his sister as the sole survivor.


Early Life

The youngest child of Brian and Alisa Jones and the younger brother of Jessica Jones. While growing up he and his sister kept on marking their height on one of the doorposts in their house.

Phillip had a bickering, yet loving, relationship with his older sister. On the day before his death, Phillip annoyed Jessica to the point that she taped him to a tree. Despite this, the two loved each other deeply with Jessica describing him as a great kid.[2]


Phillip, along with his parents and sister, were going on a vacation. He and Jessica got into a fight over a video game. Their father, Brian, turned around to stop the fight; in doing so he took his eyes off the road and the family crashed with a truck carrying a container of chemicals. The accident killed him and his parents leaving Jessica in a coma.[2]





  • In the comics, Phillip Campbell was the brother of Jessica. He was going with his family on a trip to Disney World with tickets given to his father by his boss Tony Stark.


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