"Whoa, I got dibs on that."
"Oh sorry O'Brien, Coulson promised it to me when I signed up; it's in my contract."
O'Brien and Piper[src]

Piper is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent from the Operations division, who joined a special task force assembled by Director Phil Coulson in a failed attempt to assassinate the Inhuman leader Hive. Having proved herself to be an exceptional asset, and under the new leadership of Director Jeffrey Mace, Piper was promoted to one of the key members of Melinda May's new strike team. When the agents were divided due to the infiltration of Life-Model Decoys, Piper and a small team helped Jemma Simmons and Quake to hack into the Framework in order to stop Aida's schemes.


Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Working for Phil Coulson

As Piper joined S.H.I.E.L.D. under Phil Coulson's leadership, he promised her she would own an heavy weapon. Piper worked in the Operations division.[1]

Battle of Union City

"The frickin' aliens just landed. We're not... We're not gonna take a moment and let that soak in?"

Piper and O'Brien are both debriefed

As S.H.I.E.L.D. found the location of the Inhuman leader known as Hive, Piper, O'Brien and two other agents volunteered to join Melinda May and Alphonso Mackenzie on a mission to kill Hive and rescue Daisy Johnson. Mackenzie briefed the agents about the mission and they used Zephyr One to go to Union City. On Zephyr One, Director Phil Coulson also briefed the team about their mission and asked them to be careful and smart as Hive was an incredibly dangerous opponent with an incredibly loyal army behind him.


Piper witnesses the Kree Reapers' arrival

Upon arriving within Union City, May got the information about Hive's location. As the team went to there, Coulson on Zephyr One told them to enter the facility with the safeties off, bur Piper said that the had never been off. They entered the facility where they saw the Kree Orb in action. Coulson ordered their team to get out quickly. Once they were outside, a satellite crashed directly into the facility and two Kree Reapers walked out and began attacking. O'Brien informed the team that there were large footprints. Piper was shocked to learn that aliens had landed and asked why nobody was shocked.


Piper tries and fails to destroy Hive

The team followed the Kree Reapers, who killed everyone they encountered, and Piper saw that one of them sensed something in the church. Piper, May and O'Brien entered the church where they saw the Kree and Hive dueling. As the Kree Reaper seemed to gain the upper hand, Piper said to May that he might to their work, but May told to not be so sure. Once Hive killed the Kree, so Coulson ordered them to attack. After May and O'Brien shots did not work, May ordered Piper to shot him with her grenade launcher, but Hive was unmoved by the blast and healed from his wounds.


Piper discusses how to destroy Hive

Seeing that they could not defeat Hive on their own, May ordered Piper and the rest of the team to run. They took the injured Mackenzie away from Daisy Johnson, who had almost killed him with her Inhuman power due to him destroying one of the Kree Reapers she needed with a Splinter Bomb. Having shot Johnson with an I.C.E.R., Piper and the others entered the Containment Module and returned to the Playground to get Mackenzie medical attention from Jemma Simmons. As the team were around Mackenzie, Piper noted that Hive was seemingly completely unstoppable.[1]

May's Strike Team


Piper is trained with Melinda May's Team

"Okay, people! What, you never seen the biggest plane ever built before?! Next pairing, on the mat!"

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new Director Jeffrey Mace assigned Agent Melinda May the task of creating, training and leading a specialist strike team. She recruited four Agents, including Piper. One day, May trained her team in martial arts in the Playground hangar. After she defeated her opponent, May asked her team why he failed. Piper answered that he tagged out. Zephyr One then landed and May asked Piper to train them for her. Piper said to the team to ignore the largest plane ever built and continue with training, calling the next pair to begin their fight training.


Piper awaits her orders from Melinda May

However when it was discovered that May had been assisting Agents Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie in their search for Quake, Piper and the other members of May's team watched as May was confronted by Jemma Simmons about her actions. When Simmons locked eyes with Piper, she turned away so her words could be more private. Piper and the rest of the team were then sent to Los Angeles to fight Chinatown Crew bring back Coulson and Mackenzie under the orders of Simmons who worked directly under the new Director, Jeffrey Mace, much to May's own personal annoyance.


Piper overlooks the captured Chinatown Crew

Having discovered Coulson and Mackenzie spying on a deal being done by Chen to purchase a box containing Lucy Bauer, Piper joined the rest of her team using the new Mapping-Action Eyewear developed by Leo Fitz to sneak up on the Chinatown Crew and shoot them with I.C.E.R.s with such efficiency that Mackenzie could not help but be impressed. With the crew now captured, Piper joined her team on Zephyr One, checking the status of the injured Chinatown Crew members and noting their Watchdogs tattoos on their wrists with Mackenzie still by her side.[2]

Melinda May's Breakdown


Piper awkwardly talks with Melinda May

"Is there a different title you'd prefer? Commander? Sir?"
"Let's just stick to 'May.'
"I can do May. I can do that, May."
Melinda May and Piper[src]

While Piper was walking through the Playground she was called over by Melinda May who asked her to get May's Team ready for combat training in ten minutes. When Piper referred to May as Ma'am they had an awkward discussion trying to work out what name May would prefer before settling on simply calling her May, with Piper then quickly leaving to collect her fellow team mates for the upcoming training session.


Piper witnesses Melinda May's breakdown

While training began, Piper witnessed a now panicked May walking through the rooms before being escorted out by Phil Coulson. As Piper watched, May had a sudden breakdown and attacked Coulson, believing him to be working against her and infected with something terrible. As the other members of May's team tried to calm her down, Piper engaged in a fight with her own commander, which she eventually lost. In the end Director Jeffrey Mace personally defeated May, having revealed himself to be an Inhuman and knocked her unconscious before taking her into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s custody.[3]

Hunting LMDs

Siege of the Playground


Piper listens to Jeffrey Mace's speech

"Remember, anyone you see whose awake..."
"Is a robot, super."
Quake and Piper[src]

Piper assisted in training Director Jeffrey Mace, who had stopped using his Patriot Serum to gain super-strength, resulting in Piper pinning him to the ground in seconds.[4] Piper was later gathered with the other key members of S.H.I.E.L.D. and informed by Phil Coulson and Director Mace that both agents Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons had been kidnapped and replaced by Life-Model Decoys who planned to sabotage the base. Piper and the other agents were then ordered by their superiors to hunt down and destroy all the robots.


Piper is confronted by Jemma Simmons

While Piper joined Alphonso Mackenzie and others in getting their weapons, she overheard an explosion elsewhere in the Playground and questioned if they were trying to destroy the base. However the room then filled with gas, knocking out Piper and all of the others. Eventually she awoke, confused as to why they were awake with the room still filled with gas, only to be greeted by Simmons who insisted that she and Johnson were not the LMDs. Piper questioned this but Simmons raised her gun and told her that she did not care if they believed her or not and then ordered Piper to move out.


Piper learns who the LMDs really are

As they moved through the base with all the Framework equipment, Piper prepared herself to attack Simmons with a knife as soon as her back was turned. Just as she made her move however, Piper then witnessed Mackenzie's LMD body being thrown across the hallway in pieces, confirming that Simmons was telling the truth. Quake then appeared and order Davis to fly Zephyr One out of the base to safety while Piper and Prince collected any other unconscious agents they could find and get them away from the still spreading fire before the entire Playground base burned to the ground.


Piper escapes onboard Zephyr One

Following their newest orders, Piper and Prince both evacuated the remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. agents while Quake and Simmons managed to convince Melinda May's LMD to allow them to leave. Once onboard Zephyr One, Piper assisted Quake who was struggling to walk while Davis managed to get the Zephyr out of the hanger moments before May's LMD detonated a bomb which destroyed her, Coulson's LMD and much of the Playground base. Piper and the other agents then watched in amazement as Davis successfully flew the plane and all of them outside of the danger zone and towards sunlight.[5]

Trapped on Zephyr One


Piper listens to the plan for the Framework

"He's still alive. You have to believe that."
"I know. I just feel so useless. Mack needs my help, and I'm here doing nothing."
"You're on a fugitive aircraft whose power's being drained by a machine plugged into an alternate reality."
―Piper and Yo-Yo Rodriguez[src]

Having collected Yo-Yo Rodriguez on the way, Piper and the other agents discussed the plan to get inside the Framework, which had been built by Holden Radcliffe with the help of the Darkhold, with Piper expressing great concern about the likelihood of completing the mission to free all their allies from the digital world. When Piper questioned if the mission would be as easy as Jemma Simmons was making it sound, Rodriguez noted that they did not know.


Piper questions what they could to do next

With no other choice, Piper helped to log Quake and Simmons into the Framework to begin the mission to find their friends and hopefully be able to convince them to leave the virtual world and return to reality without being found and killed by Aida or anything else there. With the mission underway and with no way to track their process, Piper turned to Rodriguez and questioned what they did now, to which she was told that they simply had to wait until they had some answers or Simmons and Quake awoke from the Framework with their friends, although this still seemed unlikely.[5]


Piper is forced to wait onboard Zephyr One

While Johnson and Simmons searched through the Framework to save all of their friends, Piper and the other remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were forced to remain on Zephyr One for the next few days simply waiting for them to log themselves out of the Framework. During this time, the crew were forced to drain all their power into the Framework, losing lights and heating as a result. With only twenty four hours until they ran out of fuel, Davis suggested that they land and refuel, but Piper insisted that they could not trust anybody who was on the ground who was attempting to talk to them.


Piper suggests turning off the plane's cloaking

Despite Prince noting that Brigadier General Glenn Talbot was trying to reach them. Unable to take Johnson and Simmons out of the Framework themselves, Piper then suggested that they turn off the cloaking to maintain the power for a little longer, although Davis insisted that being invisible was the only thing keeping them all safe. However this was eventually decided to be the best course of action and so Zephyr One's cloaking was shut off, while Piper begged Johnson and Simmons to hurry up and return to them as they were running out of time as the plane would lose power soon.[6]

Targeted by Watchdogs


Piper learns the Superior is attacking them

"Where is he?! Can you see anything?"
"No, Piper, I can only see what's right in front of me. He's right in front of us! Oh, he's heading straight for us!"
"Hey, hurry! This guy's going kamikaze!"
―Piper and Davis[src]

While standing by Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons, Piper was joined by Yo-Yo Rodriguez who expressed her dismay at not being able to help Alphonso Mackenzie, although Piper insisted that she was doing enough already to help. Hearing of a situation as they joined Davis in the cockpit. They were informed that a Watchdogs' jet was following them, sent by the Superior. Piper then noted that they should have stayed cloaked while Prince informed them that without any power they now could not use the plane's weapons.


Piper greets Jemma Simmons as she awakes

As the Superior's plane fired at them, Piper was the first to realize that Simmons had managed to free herself of the Framework, telling Piper that they had become trapped there. When the plane took another hit, Johnson fell off her bed, but she had just been able to free herself from the Framework, telling them that while Phil Coulson, Melinda May and Leo Fitz had all been saved, Jeffrey Mace had been killed and Mackenzie had decided to stay behind for reasons that she did not explain. They then focused their attention on destroying the enemy plane before he could shoot them out of the sky.[6]


Piper explains that Zephyr One is one fire

With Johnson and Simmons recovered from their awakening, the group focused on destroying the incoming jet, noting that Zephyr One had already taken three hits, explaining how they still could not fire back. Davis was ordered to continue trying to evade the jet's missiles as best he could, to which he told them to get off his back. While Simmons, Johnson and Rodriguez went to restore power to the plane, Piper was ordered to take control of the Zephyr's guns, to which she joked that she was offended Simmons even needed to ask if she was able to before running to the controls.


Piper shoots down the Superior's plane

While they were forced to wait for power to be restored, Davis then informed the agents that the Zephyr was losing oxygen quickly due to a fire breaking out inside the plane. Rodriguez was able to use her own Inhuman power to assist the others in regaining control of the plane, at which point Piper was finally able to take control of all the guns available to her, just as the Watchdogs' jet was now flying straight towards them in order to crash into the Zephyr One. Piper however successfully shot the jet out of the sky in time, celebrating her perfectly aimed shot with a loud cheer to herself.


Piper discusses Glenn Talbot's recent speech

The group discussed the Zephyr's situation, with Piper noting that they drained all of their power keeping the Framework running while they were logged in. Questioned about why they did not refuel at the Playground, Piper and Davis showed Johnson and Simmons the footage of Brigadier General Glenn Talbot's interview of WHiH World News in which he explained the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. were fugitives once again in the wake of the Siege of the Playground as well as the subsequent bombing of the Playground, of which Quake had now become a key suspect due to her unique powers.


Piper watches as all the agents are rescued

Having located their allies at the Ivanov Oil Platform, the agents went to collect Coulson and May who were attempting to escape while the Superior had bombed the Platform from the Watchdogs Submarine. Piper watched on as Mackenzie was almost left behind due to the lack of time, however he was suddenly teleported onto the Zephyr by Aida and Fitz, saving his life just in time. Piper then watched as Simmons shot Aida with an I.C.E.R. before turning the gun on Fitz and ordering the team to return to the plane as Mackenzie was safe, much to the great relief of both Coulson and Rodriguez.[7]

Aida's Rage


Piper with Prince and Davis save Leo Fitz

"You're lucky she didn't kill you. At least the machinery in there will keep her power contained."
"No. That's not her only power."
―Piper and Leo Fitz[src]

Having returned to the bombed Playground, Piper and the rest of May's Team were forced into action when Aida became enraged upon being romantically rejected by Leo Fitz. With Aida still trapped inside the Containment Module, Piper helped pull Fitz to safety, noting that the machinery inside would keep her trapped, only for Fitz to reveal that teleportation was not her only Inhuman power, forcing them all to continue running for their lives before Aida could catch up with them.


Piper in a standoff with Glenn Talbot's men

As they moved through the base, Fitz insisted that with all her new powers gained from Inhumans inside the Framework, including Lincoln Campbell and Gordon, Aida could not be stopped. They were soon cornered by members of the United States Armed Forces who demanded that they drop their weapons and surrender, while Piper joked that they could maybe just have a conversation. To their shock however, Aida teleported behind the soldiers, drawing one of their guns and then shooting him through the throat, as then Piper insisted to the surviving soldiers that Aida was not on their side.


Piper learns that Davis has been killed

Piper rejoined Fitz just as Aida snapped Prince's neck, so Piper shot Aida in the chest. Davis charged forward and continued shooting Aida while Piper escaped with Fitz. Finding all the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in a standoff with Glenn Talbot, Fitz insisted that Melinda May fly Zephyr One away before Aida could find them. Piper noted that they had left Davis behind but Fitz informed her that Aida would have almost certainly have already killed him. Talbot retreated as they flew away.[7] Piper left the Zephyr by parachute with all of the instructions necessary if things got wrong between S.H.I.E.L.D. and Aida.[8]


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"Piper, are you up for manning the weapons?"
"I'm offended you had to ask."
Jemma Simmons and Piper[src]
  • Expert Combatant: Piper received hand-to-hand-combat training from Melinda May, even being able to combat the woman for a short time during her breakdown caused by Lucy Bauer. Piper was also selected to train Director Jeffrey Mace in combat, easily pinning him to the ground.
  • Expert Marksman: In combat involving firearms, Piper often wielded an I.C.E.R.. At one point, she also shot the Inhuman Hive with a grenade launcher from a distance with relative ease. She was later selected by Jemma Simmons to take control of Zephyr One's guns and shoot the Watchdogs' jet out of the sky.



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  • Milkor M32: During a mission to kill the Inhuman Hive, Agent Piper carried a modified version of this grenade launcher as a heavy support weapon. She used it to blast a hole in Hive's shoulder, but to little effect as the dark Inhuman managed to heal the wound.
  • I.C.E.R.: To be added

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