Plymouth is a town in Massachusetts.


In 1999, Grant Ward was sentenced to be imprisoned in a Juvenile Secure Unit in Plymouth for setting his family's house on fire with his older brother Christian inside. Christian wanted Grant to be judged as an adult, charged with arson and attempted murder.

John Garrett visited Ward, as Ward's quartermaster in his military school spoke to Garrett about him, describing Ward as a pissed-off young cadet with a high level of eye-hand coordination, who escaped from the school and stole a car to burn his house. Garrett asked Ward if he knew that his brother was in the house, something Ward denied. Garrett informed him about his charges and his brother's petition to have a trial as if he were an adult.

Garrett offered an alternative to spend the following years imprisoned; he was working for a secret organization that recruited young men like Ward. He revealed that going with him would be the hardest thing Ward would ever do; nobody would pester him again.

Ward did not answer, so Garrett gave him ten seconds to accept before leaving, insisting that he had to agree. Once Ward finally said the word "Yes", a group of operatives under Garrett's command stormed the facility, entering the visit room pointing the guards, inmates and visitors with guns, in order to break Ward out of the prison.[1]


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