Polly Hinton is the wife of Charles Hinton and the mother of Robin Hinton.


"I want the big one."
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Polly began to be treated as a pariah because her daughter Robin Hinton was a latent Inhuman. Daisy Johnson gave a generous donation to Polly which she used to move her family to a new location where they could be treated more fairly.[1]

Meeting Her Benefactor

At least once a week, Polly and her daughter Robin would sit in a park. One day, Polly and Robin arrived early as they were expecting the arrival of Quake; Polly thanked Quake for the money that she had provided so that the Hintons could move to another place. While Polly spoke, Quake gave Robin a carving of a bird created by Charles. Quake then told Polly that she wanted to introduce her to a friend of hers who likes animals and has a practice nearby. Polly then watched as Quake suddenly walked away and disappeared into an alley.[1]






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