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"Take my advice, brother. The past is the past. And the only direction in life that matters is forward. Never backwards."
―Pop to Luke Cage[src]

Henry "Pop" Hunter was a gang member in Harlem during his youth, together with Cornell Stokes and Fredo Diaz. He gained his nickname for the sound his fists made while hitting people. He eventually got straight, opened a barbershop and became a respected figure in the neighborhood. Pop employed Luke Cage into his barbershop and tried to convince him to use his gifts to help people. When some of Pop's employees became involved in a robbery against Cottonmouth, Pop attempted to save his friends, only to be assassinated by Tone. Pop's death inspired Cage and others to stand up and become heroes.


Early Life

Working for Mama Mabel

"What would have happened in my life if people gave up on me? I was no angel, no I was a beast. I was a beast, no two ways about it."
"They call you Pop because you were the old G?"
"Nah, it was the sound my fist made when I knocked a fool out. Snap, crackle, pop."
―Pop and Luke Cage[src]

Henry Hunter was Pop's real name. He gained the nickname name Pop due to the sounds of punches he made. In the past, he grew up in the street along with Cottonmouth and Fredo Diaz.They were beating up people to steal cash. Once, they were taken picture by Jamel Shabazz.

Meeting Luke Cage

Discussing the Knicks

While working at his shop Pop and some of the people in his shop were discussing an older season played by the New York Knicks. Pop was wondering if they had been playing shit on purpose. Shameek Smith reminded Pop to read his "No profanity" sign on the wall. Bobby Fish told Pop that Smith was right and Pop, following his own rules, payed up by putting some money in the swear jar. He than apologized to Lonnie Wilson, one of his younger customers. Smith Asked Pop how they did last season, which they ended with 17 wins and 65 loses. Pop stated that he hoped the Russian kid they picked is any good, with resulted in Fish telling him that he is Latvian. Fish told the others that the Knicks should fire Phil Jackson, who according to Smith was an overated basketball coach and according to Pop was no Pat Riley.

Upon hearing Pop mention Pat Riley the other customers sighed. On the wall of the Shop pop had placed a list of people that would get a cut for free. Chico Diaz understood that Al Pacino would get a haircut for free, but not that Pop loved Riley so much. Pop quickly reminded Shameek about cursing after he mentioned an old teammate of Riley in a bad manner. Pop listened while Luke Cage, one of his employees, joined the discussion, telling them to play nice when Cage made an unfair remark to Smith. He than watched on when the situation nearly escalated, laughing to Cage after Smith quickly changed his minded about challenging him.

With the situation now back to normal in his Shop Pop greeted Patricia Wilson, calling her a lawyer, even though she had not graduated yet. Wilson came there to get her son and make sure he would go to Kumon that evening. Pop told Lonnie to listen to his mom. When Patricia and her son left Pop told her that she should say hello to Bessie for him. A few moments later he once again had to remind Smith about his profanity, throwing the swear jar to him and telling him to pay up.

With his customer gone Pop moved to the back of the store, where he noticed Cage pacing around again, the one thing he himself did not give up after getting out of jail. He told Cage that it has been a long time since Reva Connors had died and that he should give Patricia Wilson a call. When Cage stated that he would only find a new woman when he was ready for it Pop told him that he, mister bulletproof, would want a cup of something hot and dark sooner or later. The two of them discussed the nicknames Pop gave Cage, mentioning that his last rebound chick, Jessica Jones, placed a shotgun under his chin and pulled the trigger, without is penetrating Cage. Pop told Cage, just like Reva used to do, that Cage should get on the street trying to save people and that the powers he recieved in prison saved his life. Cage disagreed. Before Cage left Pop gave him the advice to let the past go and his life should go forward, and not backwards.[1]

Shaving Cottonmouth

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Killed by Tone

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