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"This place right here is Switzerland. Everybody knows that."

Pop's Barber Shop is a small barbershop in Harlem owned by Pop, where Luke Cage begins to work after returning to Harlem.


"I had to balance my dirt, so I opened up this shop. So those young knuckleheads have a place to get away. Like Fredo's son, Chico. And certain muscle-headed fugitives lookin' for a change of pace."
Some time after Pop was released from prison, he opened up a barber shop in Harlem to provide some peaceful ground for everyone, offer morality to his customers, and help prevent kids from committing crime. He even added a swear jar he enforces to make everyone stop using profane language.


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  • Pop and his barbershop are a reference to the The Notorious B.I.G. song "Warning": See who's this pagin me, and why. It's my nigga Pop from the barbershop.