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"Like some kinda monster got in; never seen anything like it."

Prendergast was a detective of the New York City Police Department.


"I guess you G-Men catch stuff like this all the time?"
―Prendergast to Daniel Sousa[src]

Prendergast was tasked with investigating a massacre inside a cinema theater. He called the New York Bell Company Office branch of the Strategic Scientific Reserve upon seeing the carnage.

He described to Peggy Carter, Jack Thompson, and Daniel Sousa that there was not a survivor among forty-seven people. Prendergast walked them through the police investigation of the patrons who had their heads bashed in and eyes gouged. He commented that the scene was like a monster destroyed the place; Carter, inspecting a body, told Thompson that they had all killed each other.

Prendergast and Sousa went to another section of the theater where he asked Sousa if government agents are accustomed to sights like this. Sousa assured him that they are not.[1]


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