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Project Rebirth
Occurred in Strategic Scientific Reserve Brooklyn Facility
Project Leader Abraham Erskine
Year 1943
Subjects Steve Rogers
Participants Strategic Scientific Reserve
War World War II
Movie Captain America: The First Avenger
TV series Agent Carter
*Now is Not the End (mentioned)
*Bridge and Tunnel (mentioned)
Comic Iron Man: Security Measures (mentioned)
"I am looking for qualities beyond the physical."
"Do you know how long it took to set up this project? Of all the groveling I had to do in front of Senator What's-his-name's committee?
Abraham Erskine and Chester Phillips[src]

Project Rebirth was a secret US government project administered by the US Army to create Super Soldiers for its World War II efforts. Their first and last success was Steve Rogers eventually became Captain America.


"What was Project: Rebirth's goal?"
"That's still classified to all but Omega clearance, Coulson. But to give you an idea of its importance, what Stark has is just a prototype...a reject. The final product was lost... Although you can bet your life we'll never stop looking for it.
Phil Coulson and Nick Fury[src]

Steve Rogers was chosen by Abraham Erskine to become a Super Soldier with the Super Soldier Serum. The test was successful but Heinz Kruger shot Erskine and took the serum. After Erskine's death, Rogers killed Kruger, avenging the good scientist's death.[1]

After that, the serum was lost, and the project was disbanded.

The Strategic Scientific Reserve created a file box entitled Project Rebirth; inside that box included a picture of Steve Rogers before his transformation as well as a Vita-Ray Detector. [2]


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