The Pulse Grenade is a device used by HYDRA to instantly knock out their enemies from a long distance.


Battle at Calvin Zabo's Building

Seeking to capture Inhumans for HYDRA's experiments, Sunil Bakshi was sent to locate Gordon, who had been tracked inside a building owned by Calvin Zabo. Failing to find Gordon in time, Bakshi instead located Deathlok fighting with Lincoln Campbell and, despite Deathlok seemingly being on their side, Bakshi betrayed him and used a Pulse Grenade to knock them both out so they could be taken to Doctor List.[1]

Design and Capabilities

Once launched from a grenade launcher, the Pulse Grenade has the form of a rapidly rotating cylinder emitting white light. Once at full speed, the device releases a powerful energetic blast, similar to the Thunderstick's, which can knock out powerful enemies like Lincoln Campbell and Deathlok for several hours.[1]