"We broke into this spooky ass house, didn't we?"

Pym Residence is a classic manor owned by Hank Pym.


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Planning a Heist

"No alarms have been triggered. He's in like the Flynn."

Scott Lang, recently fired from Baskin Robins, and his friends Luis, Dave and Kurt planned to break into the Pym Residence after hearing a rumour from Luis' cousin that there was a large safe in the house. When they Arrived, Kurt disabled the security systems and Lang broke in. While investigating the house, Lang found a fingerprint scanner which surprised the heist team, making them think that whatever was in the safe was even more valuable. Lang disabled the Scanner and encountered the safe underneath the house. In order to open the safe he froze the lock and smashed it open. Inside he found the Ant-Man Suit. Believing it to be a Motorcycle Suit, Lang claimed the heist was a bust. Lang exited the house and Dave drove the disappointed team home.[1]

Returning the Suit

"But I didn't steal anything! I was returning something I stole!"
Scott Lang to the Police[src]

At home Lang had tried on the suit and was horrified by the affects. He once again broke into the Pym Residence to return the suit. This time however, Hope van Dyne called the Police who promptly arrested Lang on the spot.[1]